The Company

Ypera Insurance Co. Ltd began operations in July 2002, under the name of Ydrogios Insurance Company (Cyprus) Ltd. Ypera is an insurance Company duly registered in Cyprus in accordance with the provisions of Cypriot Law, and the regulations and directives of the European Union.

Ypera, then known as Ydrogios, obtained its operating license on March 12, 2003, under the then-applicable European Directives. Since then, Ypera has held a prominent position in the insurance landscape of Cyprus and remains a strong, reliable, yet human-centric insurance company.

Ypera's workforce consists of more than 65 individuals and over 140 qualified professional associates/intermediaries throughout Cyprus. Serving its diverse clientele from its 5 branches, Ypera offers pioneering and innovative products tailored to the current demands and needs of the European citizen.

Over 60,000 customers
& partners
solvency ratio %

Our Mission

Ypera’s mission is to offer reliable and customer-centric insurance products of high quality, perfectly aligned with the modern, changing, and demanding environment.

Ypera’s vision is to dynamically and responsibly contribute to safeguarding the long-term prosperity of individuals and businesses.

Through our 5 branches and having established an extensive, modern, and reputable network of representatives operating throughout  Cyprus, we stand by our customers, providing excellent service.

Our Objectives

Ypera aims to continue its successful operation in the Cypriot insurance market, with a strong commitment to professional standards and business ethics.

For everything you consider important, Ypera stands by you with integrity, reliability, and a sustained economic and developmental strategy, always planning and aiming for customer satisfaction, fostering relationships of mutual trust and respect.

Our goal is to create real value for our customers and partners, by offering flexible and comprehensive products, clear contract terms, fair pricing, prompt and friendly services, speedy claims processing, all alongside the assurance of excellent collaboration with a General Insurance Company ranked among the healthiest in Cyprus.

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