Insure your House Keeper

Employer’s Liability Insurance 

"The safety & health of employees is a responsibility but also an obligation for the employers"

Indemnity for the employer against his legal liability to pay compensation for bodily injury, death, disease or illness (defined by relevant regulations) caused by accident to any employee, whilst they are employed and working for the insured in Cyprus or abroad (for permanent residents of Cyprus).

Limits required by legislation (minimum):

  • For each employee € 160.000
  • For each incident € 3.415.000
  • For each insurance period € 5.125.000

Although the above limits of indemnity are the minimum required by law, these are not the maximum that can be offered to the insured.

As Court awards can reach much higher amounts our Company can provide coverage limits up to

  • For each employee € 500.000

Insurance is mandatory from 01/02/2004 and is the responsibility of the employers.

  • Coverage is provided for both Inpatient and Outpatient Care

  • Coverage limits are set by the Legislation.

Basic Covers

1. Maximum limit per accident or illness
In-Hospital treatment per period of insurance and Per Person
1a. Hospitalization(Room and Board) Per Day 70€
1b. Hospitalization (Room and Board) Per Day for Intensive Care 175€
2. Maximum Limit Per Accident or Illness for outpatient treatment
per period of insurance and per person
2a. Maximum amount per doctor’s visit 18€
3. Maternity Cover (Normal or Caesarian Section).
The cover is payable only if:
3a. The delivery takes place at least 10 months from the commencement of cover
3b. In case of termination of employment the commencement of pregnancy took place within the period of coverage(indemnity period) in conjunction with (a) above Lump Sum 515€
4. Transportation of corpse 3.420€


Basic Coverage:

  • Death by Accident €5,000
  • Transportation of Corpse €3,500
  • Employer Responsibility for Domestic Assistance

Optional Covers:

  • Costs for replacing the Foreign Employee €1,000
  • Extend of Coverage for burial in Cyprus
  • Suicide Cover